Welcome to ‘Pure’ Skin Care Consulting – a safe place where you can seek skin care advice in a non-threatening environment.

I am passionate about natural beauty and have a strong conviction that each individual has a responsibility to look after the skin they’re in.
With so many factors making that easier said than done, why not let me help you?

As a fully qualified Beauty Therapist, I can confidently offer friendly consultations where you can literally ‘bring to the table’ any concerns you may have about your skin. I will take the time to listen to your needs and offer recommendations for your individual requirements, in a caring and honest manner. Contact me to book an appointment, and let’s get your skin looking and feeling healthy!

Come and experience for yourself, the ‘Pure’ skin care approach – you’ll love yourself for it! Find out more about me on The ‘Pure’ Philosophy

If you are out of town, or think you will struggle to fit an appointment into your busy schedule, just fill out the PURE Skin Care consultation form in your own time. I will review your needs and email you with a personalized recommendation for your skin care needs. Easy!

I look forward to meeting you!

Kayleigh x